NJEHP Mandatory Generic Requirement

Below is the website members can use to view medications and see if they will be affected by the Mandatory Generic requirement in the NJEHP Rx coverage. To understand if a member could be negatively impacted, they would search by the drug name. 


Here are the steps to navigate this site:

  1. Either sign in to their existing Horizon profile or ‘Continue without sign in’ (at the bottom of the pop up window).
  2. Select ‘Horizon BCBSNJ’ as the health plan and then answer the Medicare Part D question.  Then hit ‘Continue’.
  3. Drug list to be used is the Classic Formulary.
  4. Then search for the drug.
  5. Once their medication has been selected, there is a button ‘Check for Generic Equivalents’.  If a Generic Equivalent is listed, they would be liable for the added cost difference.