Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by Parents of Gifted Reach Out (GRO) students:

Q: Are GRO children in the program retested each year?

A: No, once a child is identified as a gifted and talented student, retesting is not necessary.

Q: How are GRO teachers meeting the needs of twice-exceptional students?

A: Our GRO teachers are emphasizing the strengths of their twice-exceptional students, supporting their social and emotional needs, as well as their academic needs by following the individual student’s IEP/504 plans in regards to classwork, assignments and projects. Our small GRO class sizes give students opportunities for more one-on-one time and a more comfortable environment to learn. Additionally, our project-based learning approach in class allows children to research and present information in a way that is more interesting and engaging to them. Our GRO teachers are in constant communication with teachers and guidance counselors that work with these students to understand the child's needs.

Q: What happens when the GRO student misses work in the classroom?

A: As per the district, there should be a protocol developed by the teacher called the Buddy System. A buddy can be a reliable student who will tell the GRO student what s/he missed while out of the classroom. The teacher will also clarify what the GRO student missed in class while they were at GRO.

Q: Is there homework for GRO?

A: Most work and activities are done in school. Because of time constraints, there may be work that needs to be finished at home.

Q: How many students are in a GRO class?

A: GRO classes can go up to 12 students. 

Q: What kind of enrichment activities can we do at home and where can we get them?

A: Enrichment activities can include brain teasers, logic puzzles, thinking games, word games, etc. These are available at libraries, bookstores, online, and catalogues. Several colleges and gifted organizations offer Saturday and summer classes. These are usually advertised on the PGT website. Family trips to museums and cultural events are also beneficial.

Q: Are there Parent-Teacher conferences for GRO?

A: Yes, we are available to meet with parents. We will conference anytime during the year. Please make an appointment. We are just a phone call or email away.

Q: Are all GRO teachers teaching the units in the same way?

A: Not necessarily. Each school’s individual schedules vary which include many activities and assemblies that might disrupt the GRO schedule. Therefore, timelines will be different depending on many school related factors and scheduled days off from school. In addition, as talented and gifted as our GRO teachers are, their approach to teaching varies. Our journey can be somewhat different, but our destination remains the same.

Q: What is the policy regarding my child attending all GRO classes?

A: Our GRO Program offers unique opportunities for students to go beyond the curriculum and their skill set. Consistent attendance is necessary and highly recommended.

Q: How are GRO Field Trips handled regarding transportation and costs?

A: District busses are usually used to transport the children. If the field trip is at the PAL building on Baldwin Rd., parents may be requested to arrange transportation before the start of the school and end of school day. Additionally, parents may be asked to contribute money toward field trips to help defray costs.