Throughout the year, students in grades K-1 will be observed for gifted qualities that include multiple criteria within the following areas: advanced language, motivational and analytical thinking, accelerated learning, sense of humor, and leadership qualities based on the Kingore Observation Inventory Tool. GRO teachers will share findings from these observations with the homeroom teacher and offer support as needed. Additionally, starting in the 2022-2023 school year, grade 1 students will be evaluated in December by formal assessments using multiple measures.

Students (in grades 2-5) considered eligible for the GRO program are evaluated in May/June by formal assessments using multiple measures. These multiple measures include, but are not limited to, Gifted Ability Tests, District Benchmarks, Gifted Indicator Rating Scale, etc. Students who were previously in a gifted and talented program in another school district will be tested using our multiple measures.