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Pupil Personnel Services - Child Find

The Department of Pupil Personnel Services provides support services to students residing in Parsippany. Besides special educationprograms, the needs of students are addressed through related services,homebound instruction and parent groups. Child Find activities are encouraged and additional information is available by contacting the office of Pupil Personnel Services.

Education Programs

Special education programs are available to those students who have been identified, evaluated and found eligible for special education and related services by the Child Study Team. The evaluations are available to preschool children aged 3-5, to school-aged children 6-21, to highly mobile students such as migrant and homeless students,and to students who may have disabilities although they are advancing from grade to grade. 

Preschool education is provided, ages three and four, for students found eligible by the Child Study Team. The program offers instruction in a structured and caring environment.  The preschool program uses The Creative Curriculum which is aligned to the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards. A teacher and an aide staff the program.  Related services are also provided. The district also accepts general education students who are residents of Parsippany-Troy Hills on a tuition basis.

Additional special education programs are available throughout the district. These programs include self-contained classes for educationally disabled students. All academic work is individualized and tailored to meet the performance and ability levels of these students. Inclusion into age appropriate academic and non-academic classes is ongoing and initiated in accordance with each student’s Individualized Education Program.

Resource programs are offered in every school in the district.The resource program offers the option of replacement and/or support using pull-out or in-class programs. Students involved in this program receive instruction in the subject areas indicated in their Individualized Education Programs.

Related Services

Certified speech and language specialists evaluate students to determine if they are eligible for speech services. If a student qualifies for the program, the parent is consulted and an Individualized Education Program is developed for the child.Occupational and physical therapy needs are evaluated by qualified personnel who deliver the required services in the classroom or in a separate setting.

The district also has a teacher of the hearing impaired who delivers services to students with auditory dysfunction. In addition,the district employs behaviorists who provide support for students and consultation to staff members.