Technology Presentation BOE 9-24-2020

Technology Staff

Manager of Technology Operations - Infrastructure - Michael Wilson
Manager of Technology Operations - Services - Diane Schiller
Network Administrator - Vincent Manalo
Server Administrator - Joseph Church
Technical Services Analyst - Maggie Ng
Senior Technicians - Rosemarie WeinsteinJack Sagues
Computer Technicians - Joseph RussoJP DeMauroPatrick FarnanTyler VanDeursen, Jay Velastegui, Alex Guarnieri
Helpdesk Technician - Christopher Bowes
District Webmaster - Diane Schiller

Acceptable Use Agreement

The Board endorses a student’s use of technology and the Internet for learning and research which enhances information available through other mediums. This includes participation in distance learning activities, asking questions of and consulting experts, communicating with other students and individuals, and locating material to meet the educational needs of the students of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Schools.

While the Internet can provide students with a vast array of educational and informational resources, it can also be a window through which students could access information which is neither pertinent to, nor appropriate for, an educational setting. The availability of such irrelevant or inappropriate electronic information does not imply endorsement by the Board of Education of its content or the use of such information by students. It is important to give students assistance and guidance in accessing information which is beneficial to their education.  It is equally important to recognize that total monitoring of students’ access to the Internet, would be impossible. Therefore, student users of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District computers, networks, applications and email system are expected to use it responsibly and in accordance with the Board’s rules and regulations governing such use.

To ensure appropriate usage of technology, the Board has established policies and the administration has established guidelines for student exploration and use of electronic information resources. These guidelines address issues of privacy, ethical use of information with respect to intellectual property, illegal uses of the network, and conditions of usage. The guidelines strive to preserve students' rights to examine and use information to meet the educational goals and objectives of the district. In addition, the district shall take steps, such as using filtering programs to block access to objectionable material, using access controls and supervision by staff to monitor and/or restrict access to the electronic informational resources. The Board’s policies regarding the appropriate use of technology can be found on the district’s website.

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) developed the ISTE Standards, formerly known as the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). These standards stress the importance of collaborating and communication among students locally as well as providing collaborative tools to students and teachers. The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District is presently using various applications from a Google-supported platform. This allows for students to communicate, video conference, and collaborate in a shared environment using on-line documents, calendars and web publishing. Students are able to securely upload, access, share and work with documents from any devices connected to the internet using Google Apps. More information on Google Workspace for Education can be found at

Additionally, the District may utilize other platforms for similar services or utilize some of the "additional services" which Google makes available to students separately from the Google Educational platform (or any successor). Google has published a notice describing what information it shares with others which can be found here Google Workspace for Education Privacy Notice.

All students in grades PK-12 will be assigned a student email account. All Elementary student email accounts are limited to PTHSD communications which only allows sending and receiving email from accounts ending in There will be exceptions made for certain approved websites that require email confirmation for account set up. This account will be the student's official PTHSD email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled in the PTHSD.

Use of the Board’s computers, networks, systems and technology is a privilege which may be revoked if the user fails to abide by the rules and regulations established by the Board’s policies and administrative guidelines.

Rules and Responsibilities

  1. Students will respect all laws concerning privacy (opening anyone else’s files, or taking or posting anyone else’s pictures), piracy (violating site licenses), plagiarism (using another’s work –words, pictures – without attribution), copyright, viruses (any methods of corrupting existing files or systems).
  2. Students will use computers only for approved educational purposes.
  3. Students will use only appropriate language on the district’s computers.
  4. Students will respect the privacy of other users and of themself, by not giving out any personal information about their family, other students or themselves, including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers or physical locations.
  5. Students will never harm, destroy, modify or cause disruption to the district’s networks, systems or applications, including any data thereon, or the work of another person on the district’s computer system.
  6. Students will never intentionally initiate access to material that could be considered inappropriate, offensive or pornographic.
  7. Students will not download or install any unauthorized software or files which are dangerous to the integrity of the district’s systems.
  8. Network/email accounts are to be used only by the owner. Students will safeguard their passwords and will not share this information with anyone other than their parent, teacher or principal.
  9. Students will not use computers for commercial purposes.
  10. Students will not misrepresent either themselves or others on computers.
  11. Students will not use PTHSD computers for hate mail, harassment, and discriminatory remarks, to post non-educational or inappropriate content on social networking sites, any unlawful purpose or other antisocial behavior.
  12. District staff will periodically monitor, audit and review the use of computers by students and staff, including the content of email messages.


In addition to the potential loss of the privilege of using this technology, the school may also take disciplinary action in response to violations of this Acceptable Use Agreement and/or violations of the Student Code of Conduct. In such cases, the alleged violations will be referred to the building principal for investigation and adjudication.

Students are strictly prohibited from accessing files and information other than their own. The District reserves the right to access the student files, email and information including current and archival files of user accounts. For more information about Google Apps for Education Privacy Pledge go to

  • We have one policy for all students which is located in Genesis Parent Portal under Documents.
  • At the elementary levels, the classroom teacher will review the policies each September.
  • At the middle school and high school levels, the student's homeroom teacher will review the policies each September in conjunction with a discussion of the Student Handbook.
  • In compliance with federal law, the district has installed a filtering system on all district teacher/student computers. The filter prevents students from being able to access, accidentally or intentionally, inappropriate, offensive, or pornographic Internet sites. Our filtering system carefully monitors all attempts to reach Internet sites and will not allow the computers to open unacceptable pages. Although no filtering system can claim to be 100% foolproof, it is a powerful tool for monitoring student Internet use and allowing students safe use of the Internet.

Please read carefully and discuss thoroughly with your child the policies and responsibilities of his/her Acceptable Use Agreement. Your signature on this form constitutes your consent for the district to create/maintain a Google Workspace for Education Account for your child and for any subsequent revisions, modifications or amendments that google may make to its platform subsequent to your approval.