Device Agreement - Parent

All agreements must be signed through the Genesis Parent Portal.

Each student will be issued a Chromebook and a power adapter for instructional use during the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is maintained in proper working order.

This equipment is, and at all times remains, the property of Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Schools, and is being lent to the student for educational purposes only. The student may not deface or destroy this property in any way. Inappropriate use of the device may result in disciplinary action. The equipment is to be returned to the school upon the student’s exit from the District whether due to graduation, withdrawal, or removal from the District or sooner as required by the District.

This equipment is only to be used in the manner set forth in Board Policy - 2361, Technology Acceptable Use and the Acceptable Use Agreement that the student signs prior to the issuance of the equipment.

Applications (Apps) provided by the District remain the property of the District. Accounts must be maintained and updated with only District approved updates and applications. Devices may not be disassembled, repaired, hacked, jailbroken or subverted in any way. The student should be aware that this device is capable of tracking information and, while the District does not actively track such information, various applications may be utilized in such a manner. The District is not responsible for such tracking or monitoring of student activity through the use of the equipment, however, may, from time to time or as circumstances warrant, review the student’s usage of this equipment. The District is also not responsible for any lost data. 

The District network is provided for the academic use of all students. The student agrees to take no action that would interfere with the efficient and academic use of the network. The District is not responsible for any improper use of the devices/equipment/network and/or the consequences of such improper use. The District may provide or be required to provide to law enforcement officials either the equipment or information garnered from the equipment.

Identification and inventory labels/tags have been placed on the device. These labels/tags are not to be removed or modified. If they become damaged or missing, the student should immediately contact the building media specialist for replacements. Additional stickers, labels, tags, or markings may not be added to the device or case.

Protection Plan Information

Families have the option to purchase a Protection Plan for the students’ Chromebook to cover the cost if the device is accidentally broken or damaged. The cost of the Protection Plan is $25.00/year per student device and is nonrefundable.

If you do NOT purchase the Protection Plan, you are responsible to pay for the entire cost of any repair(s) for physical damage to the device, any loaner devices issued to the student, and the power adapter. If the device is unable to be repaired, this may also include the full replacement cost of the device. If you will not be participating in this Protection Plan option, you will be financially responsible for any accidental damage to the
device or components of the device (e.g. cracked screen, broken keyboard, etc.). Without the Protection Plan, you will also be responsible for replacement cost of the device due to theft.

Parent Responsibilities

Your son/daughter has been issued a digital device to improve and personalize his/her education this year. Talk to your child about how to use this device. If your child abuses the privilege of using this device, his/her use may be abridged or abbreviated. For example, consequences may include not being allowed to take the device home
at night. It is essential that the guidelines on below be followed to ensure the proper operation of this device.

In order to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the equipment, you agree as the Student’s parent or guardian as follows:

  • I will supervise my child’s use of the school-issued device at home.
  •  I will discuss the District’s expectations and rules regarding appropriate use of the Internet and email and will supervise my child’s use of the Internet and email.
  • I will not attempt to repair the device or to clean it with anything other than a soft, dry cloth.
  • I will report any lost, stolen, or damaged device to my school’s media center within 24 hours.
  • I will make sure my child brings the device to school every day fully charged.
  • I understand that if my child comes to school without his/her device, that he/she may not be able to participate in classroom activities.
  • I agree to make sure that the device is returned to the school when requested and upon my son’s/ daughter’s exit from the District.

Having purchased a Protection Plan:

  • In case of theft, I will complete an official police report within 24 hours.
  • I understand that I bear full responsibility for physical damage to the device deemed to be unrepairable by the District as follows:
    • Damage caused by abuse
    • Damage caused by installation of unauthorized software
    • Damage caused by unauthorized modifications

Without a Protection Plan

  • In case of theft, I will bear responsibility for complete replacement cost.
  • I understand that I am responsible for the fees listed in the chart on page 2.
  • I am aware that power cords, power chargers, and cases will not be replaced unless there is an issue due to faulty manufacturing.