We would like to welcome you to the Parsippany Parents for the Gifted & Talented website and familiarize you with the organization, its activities and goals. The PGT is an organization of parents, teachers and administrators in Parsippany dedicated to the special needs of the children enrolled in the GRO (Gifted Reach Out) Program. The PGT serves as a direct link between you and the GRO Program. As the new school year ushers in, the PGT would like to make some positive changes to the PGT program and its goals.

  • For the PGT to continue as an advocate for all GRO students, we are seeking to improve PGT membership and membership participation within the GRO Program and PGT. We had a great number of volunteers in past years and need your help again this year in order to offer these events to our children.

  • The PGT will continue to support the GRO Program and many of its activities throughout the school year. Through membership funds we will provide the GRO program with the support they need to provide field trips, sponsorship for events workshops and programs for the children, and teaching materials for the classrooms.

  • Visit our PGT website for more information, membership registration and event updates.

The PGT encourages you to become a PGT Member. The Membership Form can be found on our website. Your membership dues and your generous donations provide the funding we need to help support the GRO Program and for our activities and scholarships.

For the PGT to continue as an advocate for all GRO students we need your active participation and membership.

Please do not hesitate to contact the PGT or your PGT School Representative with any questions and/or suggestions.  [email protected]

We look forward to serving the GRO program and our students throughout this school year.

PGT Officers