PTA Council


President Liz Kadian
Vice-President Yvette Maglio
Treasurer VACANT
Recording Secretary VACANT
Morris County Counselor VACANT
County Regional Director VACANT
Board of Education Liason Judy Mayer


Parsippany High School Liz Kadian
Parsippany Hills High School Mary Jo Jachym
Brooklawn Middle School Deanna Fox
Central Middle School Cindy Collins
Eastlake Elementary School Jennifer DiMaggio
Intervale Elementary School Joelle Rosetti
Knollwood Elementary School Michelle Scott
Lake Hiawatha Elementary School Dana Schwartz
Lake Parsippany Elementary School Megan Marchaterre
Littleton Elementary School Katy Ferrante
Mt Tabor Elementary School Heidi Munn
Northvail Elementary School Karaline Di Bernard
Rockaway Meadow Elementary School Marjorie Pereira
Troy Hills Elementary School Beth Marks


Publicity Committee - VACANT P.G.T. - VACANT
P.E.C. - Liz Kadian Rep. to B.O.E. - VACANT
Candidates Night - VACANT
Reflections - VACANT



More than fifty major research studies of the role of parents in education has shown that:

  • Parents' involvement increases their children's achievement.
  • Parents' involvement continues to be important even when students are in high school.
  • It isn't enough for parents just to be active in their children's education at home-they must participate at all levels in the schools if the schools are to be of high quality.
  • Parents don't have to be well educated to help their children improve academically.
  • Minority and low-income children gain most from having their parents take an active part in their schooling

You don't have to invest a great deal of time. Half an hour a day reading and talking to your child will make a difference. A few minutes each evening skimming and discussing homework and the exams and other work he/she brings home will make a difference. A brief conversation now and then showing your child that his/her education is important to you will make a difference. An hour or so a year talking to you child's teacher will make a difference. A couple of hours a week or even once a month volunteering in your child's school will make a difference, and so will attending PTA meetings and supporting PTA efforts. In fact, one study found that simply having an active PTA in your school will increase student achievement.