SKIP Registration & Payment

Open Enrollment Process

There is an open enrollment period for each month. During open enrollment you can register your child for SKIP. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and space is VERY LIMITED at each site. If you do not get a spot, you will be put on a waiting list until a spot becomes available.

Below are the open enrollment dates for the 2023-2024 school year:

  • September Enrollment Period – August 7th through August 23rd
  • October Enrollment Period – September 11th through September 21st
  • November Enrollment Period – October 9th through October 19th
  • December Enrollment Period – November 6th through November 16th
  • January Enrollment Period – December 4th through December 14th
  • February Enrollment Period – January 8th through January 18th
  • March Enrollment Period – February 5th through February 15th
  • April Enrollment Period – March 11th through March 21st
  • May Enrollment Period – April 8th through April 18th
  • June Enrollment Period – May 6th through May 16th

Registration Process:

Registration is handled through our online system called CommunityPass. It can be accessed through the link EVERY Parsippany School District family already has an account in the system which links to your Genesis account. New families should have received an email from the system with their login credentials (check your spam folder). If you did not receive a letter or if you do not remember your login credentials, please call the office at 862-702-2023. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN ACCOUNT.

SKIP fees are based on 180 school days which are broken down into ten equal monthly installments. The fee is not based on the number of days of SKIP for each individual month.


Registration Fee:
 $15 non-refundable
AM SKIP Fee:  $155 monthly for 1st child and $130 monthly for each additional child
PM SKIP Fee:  $305 monthly for 1st child and $280 monthly for each additional child
Re-registration Fee: $15 non-refundable
Late Payment Fee:  $25
CC Decline/Transaction Fee: $25
Bounced Check/E-check Fee: $25
Late Withdrawal Fee: $10


Billing & Automatic Payments:

At the point of registration, you will need to pay the tuition cost for the month of enrollment plus a $15 registration fee. Going forward, you will be billed on the 15th of each month for the following month. If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be invoiced on the next business day.

In order to be put on automatic payment, you will need to enter payment information into your account and then call the office so we can initiate the automatic payment option (payment preferences do not roll over into the next season/school year).

Invoice Date Schedule:

Below is the invoice date schedule for the 2023-2024 school year. On the dates listed below, you will receive an invoice to your email account, and you will have 5 days to pay the balance. If you are on automatic payment, the system will automatically take the payment from your account on the invoice date. If you are not on automatic payment, you may access your account to pay your bill or call the office and someone will assist you.

Failure to pay your balance within 5 business days of the invoice date will result in a $25 late fee assessed to your account. Continuous late or non-payments will result in the dismissal of a student from the program. The invoice date schedule is below:

 1st Payment: At time of registration  6th Payment: January 16
 2nd Payment: September 15  7th Payment: February 15
 3rd Payment: October 16  8th Payment: March 15
 4th Payment: November 15  9th Payment: April 15
 5th Payment: December 15  10th Payment: May 15


Enrolling and Withdrawing from the Program:

Students are enrolled in SKIP at the beginning of the month. We do not enroll new SKIP students at any other time during the month. Registrations occur only during the “open enrollment” period set prior to each month (refer to the open enrollment section). There are no exceptions.

If you would like to withdraw from our program, you must notify the office either by phone or email. Verbal or written notifications must be before the invoice dates listed above. For example: if you would like to leave the program after the month of October, you need to send us your written withdrawal prior to October 15th. Failure to withdraw prior to the invoice date will result in a late withdrawal transaction fee of $10.00. Children are removed from the program on the last weekday of the month.

If you re-enroll your child in the program during the same school year, you will need to pay a $15 re-enrollment fee.

Credits and Refunds

WE DO NOT GIVE MONTHLY OR DAILY CREDITS OR REFUNDS. There are no exceptions. Once you pay for the month, you are entitled to services for the entire month whether you chose to use it or not.